Hope for Your Relationship

A couples therapist is an advocate for the well being of the relationship. 

This includes helping you explore relationship expectations, dreams, and desires.  

What are your hopes and dreams for your relationship?

Do you worry that ongoing conflict means that your relationship is fatally flawed?

What it could mean..

is that you need help with the care and healing of your relationship, so that you have best chance of creating the relationship and the life you want.

Have you been trying to make things better on your own?

Sometimes couples worry that getting help means..

that things are “really bad.” So instead of looking for help they try to figure out how to make things better on their own.  Sometimes that works.  Sometimes things get better.  But sometimes relationships get stuck and need outside help.

Do you think you should be able solve your relationship problems on your own?

Sometimes one or both partners resist asking for relationship help because..

they think they “should” be able to “fix it” themselves.  As any vehicle owner or homeowner knows, “doing it yourself” has its limits.  And occasionally it causes damage.

You may not always know just how to care for your relationship.  That’s OK.  Help is available. 

How Can I Help You With Your Relationship?

I can provide knowledge and encouragement to help you move in a positive direction.

Together we can explore how to put powerful, constructive,and practical ideas to work.

I will assist you as you discover ways to overcome obstacles to creating the relationship you want.  I will help you as you learn to break non-productive patterns.

I will help you find new solutions and break out of cycles of negativity.

I will teach you methods to overcome barriers to the kind of communication that makes for happy and lasting relationships.

I will work to help you discover your strengths as a couple and re-discover the things about your partner and relationship that made you fall in love.

   If  you want to re-ignite the passion and joy of your

relationship,  counseling is a good place to begin your journey.  

If you want to make an appointment call me at 612-840-0396 or send me an e-mail

You can also call or e-mail me to arrange for a free 30 minute consultation.

Can Things Really Change?

If you are worried that it is too late to make things better...

If you question whether counseling has anything to offer you...

If you are worried that working on issues could make things worse...

If you are afraid to invest hope and risk being disappointed in the outcome...

Many people with these same fears and concerns successfully create change in their relationships.  Even when they are afraid to hope for it, they are able to create change and make good things happen in their relationships and their lives.  Change really does happen.

How would things be for you if you could feel more hopeful about your relationship?

How would it be to feel hopeful, empowered, and able to handle everyday conflict

without blowups or tears, without anger or blame? 

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