Maybe life is not working out the way you hoped it would.

Maybe you are discouraged or feeling stuck.

Maybe you are anxious about the future.

You might feel that you just don’t measure up some days.

You might like help with a relationship issue.


Maybe you just know that something needs to change.


What would you most like to change?

Counseling offers you time and space to figure out what you want.  Tools for doing the work.  Encouragement.    

Where to Start

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If you would like to get started with counseling

call me at 612-840-0396.

Or send me an e-mail.

Counseling is a place to explore your struggles, goals, dreams, and hopes.  To listen to yourself as

you discover what gets in the way of your happiness.

To do the work to get the life you want. 

Do you believe in the potential for change?

In the possibility of more rewarding relationships? 

In working to create something better?

It’s About You and What You Need

Maybe you are you looking for:

A sense of belonging 

Relationship healing

A more satisfying marriage

A better romantic relationship 

Self-esteem, Self-confidence, Self-awareness

A sense of purpose 

Meaning or Hope

A sense of well-being, calm, or peace

Are you searching for something else?

What are the things you most want to talk about?

Exploring Options for Change